At a glance

I’m 22 years old, I live in Grenoble and I am a young software engineer. I get really enthusiastic about new technologies, always beeing interested about learning and creating new stuffs. I am currently working for STMicroelectronics Grenoble in a team that provides a Network On Chip (NoC) solution. Besides to this job, I’m also working on some personal projects because I am literraly thirsty for exploring so many domains related to new technologies.

  • Software Engineer (Master Degree, CPE Lyon)
  • Currently working for STMicroelectronics as an apprentice
  • Enthusiastic about new technologies




Software Engineering

I have some great experiences that make me able to develop a wide spectrum of software kinds. 90% means that I’m comfortable enough with general concepts of development with several languages and frameworks. The last 10% means that I could not pretend to know everything!


Besides to be able to develop software, I love creativity. I always want to bring some new ideas, participate to brainstormings and just… CREATE!

Teamwork & Management

75% means that I consider that 75% of work relies on team communication. Simply developing a piece of software is easy, but the most important thing is to develop it in order to fit to the global software ecosystem. I love to manage a project and a team, always trying to get the best of each one and producing awesome things!

“Only one life is not enough”

This is my thinking. Actually there are so many interesting things to do in this domain, so I will never have enough time to explore every single sub-domains. From mobile development to artificial intelligence, passing by design and databases, I could never achieve all I would have expected to!



Mobile Apps

I have some great experiences that make me able to develop a wide spectrum of mobile apps kinds. I am familiar with both iOS and Android architectures and development kits for native apps development.

IoT & Embedded Systems

Internet of Things defines our future. Well, for the next few years at least as it is a very expanding domain. I am interested in creating revolutionary systems that could help to improve people’s life. From simple connected objects to complex robots systems, I really love this contant need of technological evolution.

Artificial Intelligence

IoT defines our future, while AI is going to manage IoT systems. I would really like to explore this domain deeper. Actually, I have some small basis about it and I’d love to learn more: Yes, all the life is about learning.

Backend Systems

Backend systems is a domain that I like as well. Actually, it remains nearly inevitable as every single domain above consistently relies on servers, backups and centralised big-data computations.